Our Legacy Society

The San Damiano Society

The San Damiano Society honors those individuals who have informed the Seraphic Mass Association that they have included our organization in their estate plans.

San Damiano Society members receive several benefits including:

  • perpetual remembrance in the Capuchin friars’ daily Masses and prayers,
  • name(s) inscribed in the San Damiano Society Book of Honor,
  • remembrance of you in a Mass of Thanksgiving celebrated annually for San Damiano Society members; and,
  • a San Damiano Cross.

A Mass of Thanksgiving for the intentions of all San Damiano Members is celebrated annually.

The Impact of Your Giving

could help save the Capuchin Children's Centre in Tanzania.

The Capuchin Children's Centre is a life-changing center for children born with physical deformities. It is in danger of closing without your support.

could create a lasting legacy.

A legacy gift of this size could establish your personal legacy of supporting a project in the missions...advancing the work of Capuchin missionaries as they serve among the poor and forgotten.

could help sustain our mission on a monthly basis.

Ongoing support at this level could provide vital ongoing funding to sustain Capuchin missionaries in their day-to-day ministry to help the people they serve.

*Please note that these examples are for illustration purposes only and actual gift amounts may differ. Please contact our team to see the impact you can make possible.