Supporters Like You Make All the Difference

“We must never desire to be above others, but, instead, we must be servants and subject to every human creature for God’s sake.”
– Saint Francis of Assisi

Friends like you make the work of our Capuchin missionaries possible. That’s why we have created this website to help you follow your impact with the Seraphic Mass Association. You can also learn more about how to partner with us to support Capuchin missionaries as they minister around the world, serving the poorest of the poor who live under the most challenging circumstances.

How You Support Our Work

Supporting Capuchin Missionaries
Capuchin missionaries rely on the generosity of faithful Catholics to live out their ministry of sharing and spreading the Gospel message.

Mission Projects
Your generosity can help build medical clinics, chapels, and schools, drill water wells, and provide humanitarian aid to people living in extreme poverty.

Assisting Seminarians
The next generation of priests and brothers depend on people like you. Your goodness helps train the men who want to give their lives in service to the Lord and the Catholic Church.

Helping Retired Missionaries
Your gifts help care for retired Capuchin missionaries who have given their lives to the faithful service of God and His people.

Creative Ways to Make a Major Impact

Gifts That Cost You Nothing Now

Gifts That Pay You Income

Gifts That Reduce Your Taxes

Gifts That Make an Impact Now

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